Nonprofit Consulting

From nonprofit formation, financing, payroll, budgeting to tax filing and regulatory compliance, our consultants work with passion and expertise to help you meet your organizational goals.

Grant Proposal Writing

With ECHO’s grant writing services, we identify suitable grant funding opportunities, assemble and write your grant applications.  Ask our team about our process to get you funding.

Internal Controls and Audit

Developing internal governance and processes are critical for nonprofit operations.  We provide internal audits and reviews to help determine if internal controls meet your objectives.

340B Audit Consulting

We leverage our healthcare and data analytics expertise to assess your population and transactions for compliance requirements including potential diversion based on multiple data points.

FQHC Clinic

Our consultants help you meet the stringent requirements for your Federally Qualified Health Center including providing care on a sliding fee scale and operating under a governing board.

Revenue Cycle Management

We can help bridge the gap between improvements and changes that maximize revenue and improve cash flow for your nonprofit organization while helping you achieve  optimal operational results.

Executive Decision Support Systems

Nonprofit executives are often asked to process information from a variety of  sources to make sense of it.  We help you utilize business intelligence to aid your decision-making process.

We Are Here to Help You Deliver on Your Objectives

Our experienced team welcomes your challenges.  Partner with us to today to see what we can do for you. Contact us by calling (770) 809-1365 or reaching out to us directly through our website. With an office in Altanta, Georiga we provide business consulting services throughout the region and throughout the nation.

Our Process: More Than Giving Advice

During this phase, our goal is to help identify specific outcomes. These may include aspects such as operational efficiency, increased productivity, meeting compliance goals, increasing funding, or enhancing your public image. This phase of the process will help to set expectations, describe our data collection and analysis process, and outline deliverables. This will also be an opportunity for us to identify potential barriers, constraints or problems that might be encountered in the future.

At ECHO, we apply our curated methodology to to collect data including 1-on1 interviews, questionnaires, observation, and analysis of existing documents or records. We then provide feedback to you, using the information obtained from our data collection phase, and present our findings and recommendations in a report with a recommended plan of action.

During the implementation phase, our consultants can implement the recommended changes that were defined in the preceding phase. After the implementation phase is completed and you are satisfied with the changes, we can move toward the final phase..

We want to leave behind something of lasting value, which as part of our final phase, we facilitate client learning to deal with immediate issues and help you learn methods to cope with future challenges. We also walk you through the systems and processes to effectively monitor activity and results to keep your organization on track.

The ECHO Healthcare Advantage

The ECHO Healthcare Advantage includes an experienced team that is able to divide complex problems into small pieces, analyze them deeply and  provide solutions in a way that optimizes operations, decision-making, and time management